Planning Language 101

Some additional terms that we use in Planning:

  • An Official Plan is a plan approved by Council that describes how land in a community should be used. Official Plans mainly deal with issues related to:
    • where new housing, employment and shops should be located
    • protecting the environment and heritage
    • what services like roads, sewers, parks and schools will be needed
    • when and in what order parts of your community should grow
  • A Zoning By-law controls the use of land on each property in a community. It includes details such as:
    • how land may be used
    • where buildings and other structures can be located
    • the types of buildings permitted
    • the lot size and dimensions
    • parking requirements
    • building heights
  • Design Guidelines are a set of design statements to guide land development to achieve a desired level of design quality.
  • Neighbourhood Assessments, in the context of Family Friendly Housing would assess how child-friendly a neighbourhood is and would include action plans or strategies for improvements.
  • A Housing Options Report is a report that includes proposed housing unit types, sizes, number of bedrooms and anticipated price ranges.
  • A Multiple Dwelling is a building that contains three or more dwelling units and includes a wide variety of housing styles and types such as block townhouses, stacked townhouse dwellings and apartments.
  • An Amenity Space is a shared indoor or outdoor area that is provided in a development for the recreational use or social use of residents.
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