Construction Impact FAQs

    How will runoff impact properties north of Twenty Road?

    Runoff management strategies will be captured in the preliminary preferred design concept, which will be presented at PIC #2 (Tentatively Fall 2024)

    When will municipal servicing (water, sanitary sewers) be implemented? What is the timeline for reconstructing Glancaster Road?

    Staging of construction is to be assessed during this process. Local water and sanitary servicing will be constructed as part of the Glancaster Road improvements (could be constructed as early as 2028). Glancaster Road north of Book Road is tentatively scheduled for reconstruction to start in 2028.  The portion south of Book Road will be dependent on the rate of development along Dickenson Road/south of Book Road.

    What is the cost of connecting a residence to the local sanitary network?

    Main line sewer cost is $8-15K /house. Sewer lateral connection approx. $1,500 - $3000 per house.

    How will natural features, including species at risk, be impacted?

    Aquatic and terrestrial desktop and field investigations have been completed, to establish baseline conditions that will be considered in the evaluation of alternative design concepts to be presented at PIC #2.

    How existing Hydro One infrastructure being considered?

    Coordination is ongoing with Hydro One since the early stages of the project. Feedback from Hydro One will be considered in the preliminary preferred design concept to be presented at PIC #2

    How can we protect existing landowners from being impacted by flooding during the road construction process?

    During construction activities, if any local dewatering activities are needed for construction purposes, any such water will be discharged in such a way so as to not impact local properties. Implementation of a contextually appropriate stormwater management system on Glancaster Road is a core part of the project and a long-term solution to managing the impacts of stormwater in the area.

    How will active transportation be addressed?

    Road design will follow the City Complete Street Design Manual. The study is looking at implementing sidewalks and cycling infrastructure that will be presented at PIC #2 as part of the preliminary preferred design concept.

    Will property acquisition be required?

    The need for property acquisition will be minimized with the proposed 'Hybrid' Right of Way that also considers property obtained through development application process. 

    Additional property acquisition would be acquired based on fair market value compensation.

    How will wildlife be protected along future road corridors/across them?

    The road improvement scope includes watercourse crossings, where wildlife crossing needs will be accommodated.

Traffic Impact FAQs

    What are the anticipated traffic impacts to adjacent roads during construction on Glancaster Road?

    Impacts from construction on the local network will be reviewed based on the preliminary preferred design concept to be presented at PIC #2.

    Will there be a signalized and illuminated intersection at Twenty Road?

    The study is currently reviewing options for intersection design, including signalization with illumination. Recommendations will be presented at PIC #2 as part of the preliminary preferred design concept.

    Once the road is constructed, will there be increase traffic?

    Glancaster Road forms an important link in the local road network. The AEGD Transportation Master Plan proposes to use existing and future north-south arterials to balance traffic needs between Glancaster Road and existing and future roads (please refer to maps on slides 11 and 12 of the PIC #1 Presentation for the AEGD TMP Update roadway network. Parallel routes will be designed/widened to handle additional traffic at full business park buildout that will be redirected from Glancaster Road). Glancaster Road is designated a Minor Arterial road in the AEGD TMP. Minor Arterial roads carry moderate volumes of intramunicipal multimodal traffic.

    Will Glancaster Road be a truck route?

    The current City's Truck Route Master Plan does not designate Glancaster Road as a truck route, however, the designation of Truck Routes is a process that is independent of this EA study process. Trucks may use Glancaster Road for local deliveries, but through trucks are required to use designated truck routes.

Related Project FAQs

    When is Twenty Road going to be improved?

    Construction tentatively forecast for 2030

    How has the AEGD Transportation Master Plan been considered in this project? What typical cross-section is being considered?

    The AEGD Transportation Master Plan reviewed the capacity needs for Glancaster Road. The update recommended 36m Right of Way with 2 + center turning lane roadway cross section and pedestrian & cycling facilities, which has been further refined through studies undertaken as part of this project.