What is an Urban Expansion Area?

    Urban Expansion Areas are areas that were removed from the Rural area and added to the Urban area when the Province made a decision on the City’s Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR). There are six Urban Expansion Areas totaling approximately 2,200 hectares in area. The majority of the lands are designated Urban Expansion Area – Neighbourhoods, and a small portion is Urban Expansion Area – Employment.

    When was the Urban Boundary expanded?

    The Provincial decision which expanded the Urban area was issued on November 4, 2022. The Province’s decision is final and cannot be appealed. 

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    What is a Secondary Plan?

    A Secondary Plan is a land use plan for a particular geographic area of a municipality that identifies detailed land uses, densities, design requirements, and infrastructure requirements and other implementing actions appropriate for a specific area.  It contains detailed direction explaining how a community should develop.

    Plans are based on a vision of what the community should look like in the future and contain the steps of how to get from where we are today to where we want to be.

    Secondary Plans also: 

    • Help promote new development opportunities while making sure they fit in with existing land uses
    • Help promote new and innovative approaches to building communities
    • Implement the objectives and policies of the City’s Official Plan (City-wide)
    • Are a tool to guide public and private investment

    Can a private Developer/Landowner complete a Secondary Plan instead of the City?

    Yes. Council has directed Secondary Planning for the Urban Expansion Areas to be led by the City. However, a private landowner is permitted to submit an Official Plan Amendment application to establish a Secondary Plan. The applicant would need to pre-consult with the City to determine application requirements before making an application. The policy framework and guidelines for Secondary Planning would apply to both City led and privately led processes.