How can a virtual, pre-recorded meeting take the place of an in-person event?

    It can’t! But it is the best option we have during a pandemic to make sure all submitted feedback is reviewed, and a representative sample is chosen to answer. Also, we see an opportunity to integrate a virtual option like Engage Hamilton with an in-person event, eventually, to give everyone a chance to participate, including people who can’t make it out to a meeting.

    I have a complaint about my trip on DARTS/HSR. Can I use Engage Hamilton for that?

    You are welcome to post comments here, but they can be seen by others. We don’t mind! But you may wish to provide us with details about your complaint that are too personal for a public platform. If you have a complaint about a DARTS trip or some other aspect of Accessible Transportation Services, it is best to call 905-529-1212, or email so we can properly investigate. If you have a specific complaint about HSR service, please call 905-528-4200 or email us at to make sure your complaint is logged for investigation.