Why is the Residential Zone Project being completed in three phases?

    As the Residential Zone project is complex, a phased approach is appropriate to focus on each category of Residential Zone. The phases will focus on Low Density, Medium Density, and finally, High Density Residential Zones.

    There is so much material to cover. Where do I start?

    It is understood there are a lot of content to read through. Our suggestions include:

    1. Focus only on the topics you are interested in or that matters to you the most. You are not required to provide feedback on every document staff releases.

    2. Focus on topics that relate to you and your property. For example, only review the draft Residential Zone of your property or abutting property.

    3. As all content will be online long-term, or can be mailed to you, there is no need to rush through the material. 

    4. Participate in the public engagement activities. The more you participate, the more ideas and suggestions you may have for staff consideration.

    How will the provided input be used?

    Throughout various stages of this project there will be opportunities to comment on future zoning by-law regulations. Your input will be collected and reviewed, and will be used to assist in the recommendations to Council.

    All feedback will also be summarized and brought forward to Council. Any feedback summary will be posted on the Engage Hamilton portal.

    I was never able to attend a Public Information Centre (PIC) in the past due to personal commitments. How is it different in an online platform?

    The advantage of moving public engagement such as PICs online is it allows anyone with a computer, tablet, or smart phone, to participate on your own time. You can always come back to the project page and review more material.  Whereas in the past the PIC was held in an afternoon and evening session, virtual PICs will be held over a two-week span. Further, material will still be available after the virtual PIC so you don’t feel pressured to participate immediately.

    My friend/family member/neighbour does not have access to the Internet or does not have a computer. How can they still participate and review the material?

    It is acknowledged that not everyone will have to access to a computer. If you or you know someone who would like a paper copy of all the material to be mailed for review and feedback, contact residentialzoning@hamilton.ca for more information.

    Does the main house on the lot and/or the secondary dwelling unit have to be owner occupied?

    No. There is no requirement for either of the units to be owner occupied.  The Planning Act does not allow a municipality to zone on the basis of who lives there or the relationship of the occupants in the dwelling.